How much will it cost to paint my car?

This of course varies from car to car, but if it's in good condition and requires little or no remedial work to the body, around 200 hours should cover the process, once glass, bumpers, and trim, etc. have been removed. Add more hours for any welding and fabrication, colour changing and also for any rebuilding work.

How many hours will a full restoration take?

Typically, anything upwards of 500 hours is common, with car SOS cars taking between 500 and 1400 hours to complete a project + the cost of parts and consumables. It really depends on the initial condition of the car and the customer’s requirements.

Can i pay on a monthly basis?

In some circumstances, this can be arranged, but we have a minimum limit of £1500.00 input per month.

How much is our hourly rate?

We charge £35 + VAT for work being booked in currently. But please be advised this is subject to change.


For any further questions, please call us on 01922 458526 to discuss your project further


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